Schedule your Home Alone Boot Camp Certification

Sponsor your own Home Alone Boot Camp class.  You just need a minimum of 8 students and we will come to you or you can use our training facilities.   We will create flyers and post your class on our websites.  Call today for more details.

Home Alone Boot Camp Learn The Skills To Be A Safe and Prepared When Home Alone

This course will help them prepare for being home alone in a number of ways. You can use this workbook as a guide to review the lessons and agree upon protocols for staying home alone. Before allowing children to stay at home on their own, be sure to provide them with the following information (all of this is covered in the course, but should be confirmed at home together).

❏ Their address and phone number and security codes for security systems if applicable
❏ Where the extra key is located or have a copy of the house key for their personal use
❏ Where you work, the address, and the phone number where you can be reached
❏ Understand the rules of being home alone
❏ What they need to do when they arrive home to keep themselves entertained and out of trouble
❏ How to call 911 and have access to a phone
❏ What constitutes an emergency situation and how to react
❏ Their routine to lock doors, do homework and complete chores while they wait for you to return home
❏ To avoid answering the phone or the door
❏ Basic first aid and CPR

Instructor Christine Neely, B.A., BLS, HS, ACE American Heart Association Heartsaver Instructor Georgia Certified Teacher